Giovanni Hendriks

Sales Improver

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Previous jobs

New Business Manager, Sales Manager, Senior Business Consultant, Senior Business Manager, Commercial Manager

Branche experience

IT, Automotive, Graphic Services, Media, Business Services, Metal Industry.


Giovanni is a born entrepreneur. He has learned the ins and outs of the sales profession in the very competitive media industry and metal industry. He has gained a ton of experience in these branches in various functions, such as Senior Account Manager and Commercial Manager. When in the function of Senior Business Consultant, he developed and implemented new business models for the graphic industry. In his search for more dynamics, he managed to grow to the role of Senior Business Manager in the IT industry. Finally he followed his dreams and started as Sales Improvement Professional with the Sales Improvement Group. His clients value his no-nonsense mentality and his drive. His clients describe him as an excellent sparring partner on board level.


To have the business of my clients flourish, by optimizing their sales team and thus the results.