Paul Schmidt


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Previous jobs

Officemanager, Commercieel Director, General Manager, Senior Trainer, Education manager

Branche experience

Finance, Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Training, Business Services, Automation, Telecommunications, Wholesale, Employment Agencies, Industry


Paul is a seasoned entrepreneur. He used to be an office manager at a bank. He has also worked as a business director for a wholesaler in office supplies and as a commercial director in the business of office furniture. Then he stepped into independent entrepreneurship as a senior trainer and education manager at one of the largest training agencies in the Benelux. Paul is an excellent communicator who's known for his empathy. He is a sharp observer and can quickly figure out a sore spot of a sales team or individual. His enjoyable way of training and coaching has been highly appreciated by his clients for over 25 years. He is an excellent sparring partner at the senior management level.


I like to encourage people to improve themselves. In addition, I would like to improve synergy and maximize business opportunities in order to get the best company results.