Paul Schmidt

Internal Educator

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Previous Occupations

Office Manager, Commercial Director, Director, Senior Trainer, Director of Education, Managing Director

Industry Experience

Banking, Office Supplies, Office Furnishings, Education, Business Services, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Wholesale, Staffing Agencies, Manufacturing



Paul is a seasoned entrepreneur. Before becoming one of the founders of Sales Improvement Group in 2004, he worked as an office manager at a bank, director of a wholesale office supplies company, and commercial director of an office furnishings provider. In 1993, he transitioned to entrepreneurship as a senior trainer and director of education at one of the largest training firms in the Benelux region. Paul is a natural communicator with a strong sense of empathy. He has the ability to keenly observe and identify areas that need improvement. His enjoyable style of training and coaching has been highly appreciated by his clients for over 25 years. He is an excellent sparring partner at the executive level.


I want to assist our Sales Improvement Professionals in becoming even better at their profession. As a former director of Sales Improvement Group, I am happy to contribute to the further development of our people.



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