Challenge Distrimex Pompen & Service B.V.:

Gain More Control Over the Sales Process

What is your sales challenge?

'A positive flow'. Under this motto, Distrimex Pompen & Service has established itself as a leading partner in pumps in the Netherlands for decades. In addition to the products of its parent company, BBA Pumps in Apeldoorn, the company also holds the exclusive sales rights within the Netherlands and Belgium for a large number of leading pump manufacturers, allowing it to serve many markets. Key areas include Food, Construction, Agrotechnology, Shipping, and Industry. Since Nick Schuurman, currently Managing Director of Distrimex, took on the role of Sales & Operations Manager of the company in 2016, he began restructuring the company to align with changing market conditions. This also resulted in the involvement of Sales Improvement Group.

The Challenge

The goal was to increase revenue while maintaining margins. To achieve more synergy across different disciplines, including Service and Spare Parts, it was important to get everyone on the same page. Additionally, the sales team faced the challenge of getting more out of their conversations with (potential) customers.

The Solution

After the Sales Training Analysis, Sales Trainer Ben Peek developed a training program that initially involved all employees with customer contact. Through theory and positively challenging practical exercises, a consistent way of working was established, with the principle of "sell yourself first, then the company, and finally the product/service" becoming the guiding approach. With the advisors, a deeper dive into all aspects of the sales cycle and how to maintain control over it was undertaken. Many real-life cases were discussed, worked on, and practiced within the group. It was important that the techniques could be applied in practice.

The Result

"Stable annual revenue growth, and more importantly, higher customer satisfaction!" said Nick Schuurman.

The advisors at Distrimex are initially technicians with a passion for their product and providing the best advice to their customers. By first ensuring a "click" is established and then by asking the right questions to understand what a customer wants to achieve, their impact on customers and within their own organization has become much greater. They better understand what happens in a sales process and can respond effectively. Moreover, the material provided has come to life within Distrimex, encouraging and keeping each other sharp.

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