#1 sales training in the Netherlands

#1 sales training in the Netherlands

#1 sales training in the Netherlands

Sales is at the foundation of your business. No matter what service or product you offer, without sales, you are nowhere. But selling is a skill in itself. It involves a lot of knowledge, strategies, and skills. Fortunately, sales is a skill that can be learned. With the right coaching and training, the right skills can be acquired. This makes you more confident, familiar with the right approach, and actually increases your sales. And that is good for the entire organization.


The definition of sales training is: ‘The process that focuses on improving skills, knowledge, and attitude to stimulate behavioral change in sellers and maximize sales success.’ This means that sales training helps sellers achieve the greatest successes.

Sales training

The content of a sales training varies per training. There are trainings that focus on developing a good sales strategy, but also trainings that specifically focus on developing sales skills. Especially trainings that focus on developing sales skills are popular among sellers. There are countless trainings that focus on developing or improving these skills. These can be basic trainings, such as a training on delivering a good pitch, but also trainings that delve deeper into selling through a specific channel. Because the market is constantly evolving and new ways of selling are developed regularly, trainings adapt to these changes. Selling through social media, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, has become increasingly popular in recent years. A training that focuses on these platforms is therefore very valuable for experienced sellers.

At Sales Improvement Group, we help your organization sell more efficiently and achieve goals more easily. For this, we offer various programs, improvement services, and trainings. These focus on all possible aspects related to sales. This ranges from developing a good sales strategy to the distribution strategy and developing the right sales skills. So, there is always a training or service that is valuable for your organization. Are you ready to take the next step?

Sales training for beginners and advanced

Sales trainings are not only valuable for novice sales professionals who still need to learn the tricks of the trade. Even for advanced salespeople, a sales training can add a lot. Sales is a field that is constantly evolving. New developments in the market, but also in society, require adjustments to sales techniques. Especially if you have been in the field for a long time, it is important to stay up-to-date. Otherwise, the chance is high that you can no longer work as efficiently and effectively as before. Therefore, a sales training is valuable for both beginners and advanced professionals.

Sales training

Sales training is a valuable investment for field sales representatives, but it's also worth considering for sales managers or account managers. They too need to keep their knowledge up-to-date to effectively lead their teams. That's why there are sales training programs designed specifically for these professionals. Various training options are available, ensuring there's a program that aligns well with your role and requirements.

For novice sellers, basic training provides a solid start to their career. Here, they learn fundamental techniques that they can benefit from for many years. For experienced sellers, these basic training sessions are less relevant. After all, they mastered these techniques and skills years ago. For them, advanced training sessions are a wise investment. At Sales Improvement Group, you'll find both basic and advanced training options.

Sales training examples

Sales Improvement Group offers a diverse range of sales training programs. We provide a few examples of the sales training programs available at Sales Improvement Group.

The sales training programs at Sales Improvement Group are categorized into different main categories. Each main category encompasses various training programs focusing on the specific skills required for that category. The main categories are:

  • Sales training programs
  • Account management training programs
  • Management training programs
  • Executive training programs
  • Additional commercial training programs

To give you an idea of the training programs and improvement services we offer, here are some examples from each category.

Under the 'Sales strategy' category, various services are available. If you're unsure about your company's sales strategy, Sales Strategy Development is a valuable choice. If determining the right price is a challenge, then the Price Strategy improvement program is the right choice.

'Sales structure' deals with strategically organizing the company. How do you ensure that the sales structure in the company functions optimally? With the service Sales Organization Design, we work with you to examine your company's structure, how it can be improved, and how to achieve maximum results. Account Management Development is also valuable in this context.

The sales structure within an organization is crucial for achieving the best results, but the 'Sales Culture' must also be in order. For this, a Group Profile Analysis and a Culture Analysis are useful tools. After analyzing the current culture, Leadership Development and Team Building can bring about cultural changes.

'Sales Tools' primarily concerns having the right tools to function optimally. Tools such as 'Sell View Pipeline Management' and a 'Bonus and Reward System' are valuable. Additionally, a sales training focused on USP and UBR Realization is a good idea. This gives the sales team more insight into the unique features of the product or service and teaches them arguments to enhance their selling abilities.

'Sales skills' are essential in every organization. Regardless of how good the sales structure or strategy is, without good sales skills, success remains elusive. Think of training in areas such as acquisition, telesales, results-oriented negotiation, psychological closure, return on investment sales, 4-dimensional selling, and selling on price. There are also special training programs for sales management and account management. Here, you'll find training in areas such as strategy and vision discussions, concept selling, flexible leadership, and correction discussions. Finally, there are also specific training programs, including successful acquisition via LinkedIn, presentation skills, customer-centric service delivery, telesales, professional online selling, and success at trade shows.

This shows that there are sales training programs in all areas related to sales. Whatever challenges your organization is facing, there is always a training or service that can help elevate your sales to a higher level.

Sales Training for B2C and B2B

Selling is crucial for both B2C and B2B. The sales strategies and the precise implementation of the sales conversation naturally differ between these two types of sales. That's why sales training programs are always tailored to your organization and the challenges you are facing.

Do you have a specific question or challenge regarding B2B or B2C sales? Feel free to ask one of our experts. We're happy to assist you in finding the solution and will discuss with you which training programs or services are most valuable for your organization.

Sales Training On-Site or Online

Sales training is often conducted on-site, but with the E-learning environment of Sales Improvement Group, certain training programs can also be effectively followed online. A combination of physical and online training often yields the best results. On-site, you can practice implementing conversation techniques and putting acquired knowledge into practice, while E-learning is the perfect way to convey more knowledge. This is known as the 'Blended Learning' principle.

The E-learning tool has even more significant advantages. Prior to using the tool, a baseline measurement is taken, so you know exactly where you stand at that moment. Progress is then regularly monitored with interim exercises and questions. Moreover, managers can keep a close eye on their employees' progress and, therefore, coach on the right aspects.

Not sure which training or improvement service is best for your organization? Or are you debating between physical training, E-learning, or a combination of both? Contact one of our professionals. We're happy to brainstorm with you and determine which training best suits your situation. What challenges are you facing, and in which areas can you achieve additional returns? Should the focus be on the sales skills of the employees, or is the issue deeper, such as in the sales strategy or sales structure? Together, we'll figure out which training and/or improvement services align best with your organization. This ensures that your organization will achieve the best sales results in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales training?

A sales training is a learning process focused on improving the sales skills of an individual or a team. The goal of a sales training is to equip sellers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to enhance their sales performance. It involves not only improving their sales techniques but also developing their personal skills, such as effective communication and customer orientation. A good sales training should address both the hard and soft skills needed to be successful in sales.

What sales training options are available?

There are various types of sales training programs available, each with its own focus and objectives. Some examples include:

  • Product Training: Focuses on getting to know the product and its unique benefits.
  • Sales Techniques: This type of training aims to teach effective sales techniques and methods, such as consultative selling and solution selling.
  • Communication Training: In this training, you learn effective communication with customers and prospects, asking the right questions, and handling objections.
  • Leadership Training: These programs focus on developing leadership skills for sales managers and team leaders.
  • Digital Sales Training: These training programs aim to improve online sales skills, for example, through social media and e-commerce.

What do you learn in a sales training?

In a sales training, you learn various skills and techniques necessary for success in sales. This includes, for example:

  • Getting to know your customer and understanding their needs
  • Building strong relationships with customers and prospects
  • Using effective communication techniques and handling objections
  • Creating added value and distinguishing yourself from the competition
  • Developing an effective sales plan and managing the sales pipeline
  • Acquiring effective negotiation skills
  • Learning to maintain control over the sales cycle.

What does sales encompass?

Sales encompasses all activities aimed at selling a product or service to customers or prospects. This includes developing a (digital) sales strategy, identifying potential customers, generating leads, conducting sales conversations, negotiating sales terms, closing deals, and providing after-sales support. In addition to the actual sale, relationship management and customer service are crucial components of sales.