4D Challenge

The Powerful Sales Transformation in Just Four Days!


Achieve Maximum Sales Results in Four Days

Your sales challenge, our sales professionals, and four days of in-depth analysis: that's the 4D Challenge. Razor-sharp analyses, substantive conversations, research, and testing for efficiency and effectiveness prepare your organization for a true sales transformation. Hands-on, results-driven, and full of energy!

The 4D Challenge provides a practical action plan with the right actions, at the right time, and in the right sequence to achieve maximum sales results for your organization.

What's Included

  • Razor-sharp analysis of your sales challenge
  • Conversations with stakeholders
  • Research
  • Assessment of commercial effectiveness and efficiency
  • Delivery of a practical action plan to transform your sales
  • Identification of quick wins for rapid improvement
  • Focus on organization-wide support and enthusiasm
  • Interactive presentation (both analysis and transformation plan)

Your Sales Team Ready for the Future in 4 Days

The 4D Challenge provided me with immediate insight into where our sales opportunities lie and what we needed to do to seize those opportunities. Very enlightening!

André Media Group on the 4D Challenge

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