Our Approach

SPACE Concept®

Our Approach

Our methodology (SPACE Concept®) is entirely focused on an integrated approach. We improve sales strategies and carry this through to training the desired skills. We do this with specialized sales improvers and sales trainers.

We work according to our developed SPACE Concept®, which consists of five phases: Sales Analysis, Action Plan, Actions, Coaching, and Evaluation.

Sales Analysis: interviews with (part of) the sales team and sales management. Desk research and analysis of commercial tools and supporting materials, your customers, and your competitors.

Action Plan: interactive presentation of identified improvement points, translated into a concrete action plan with achievable goals, set in the right order and time.

Action: improvement opportunities that can be addressed in the areas of Sales Strategy, Sales Structure, Sales Culture & Leadership, Sales and Management Skills, and Sales Tools.

Coaching: co-management, coaching, and sparring, with the aim of making the initiated changes in your organization and with your people stick for the future.

Evaluation: a continuous process of adjusting as needed, to achieve the return on investment of your investment in your organization and people together with you.

The SPACE Concept® is a clear, effective, and guiding approach. It helped us make the leap in professionalism!

Richard Droop, Managing Director Coolmark

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