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Becoming a Top Seller (Secret)

Selling. It's said that you either have it or you don't. This blog is about salespeople who naturally think they are born sellers. However, just having the knack, or the art of selling, is not enough for a top seller to achieve maximum sales results. The secret is that a top seller always supplements their art with motivation, knowledge, and skills (Competencies). Every real seller with ambition can become a top seller with these ingredients.

Top sellers are not born

At the base is the motivation of the top seller to actually achieve the desired result. That ambition to score maximally is even a prerequisite: if that drive is missing, the result is missing.

But as said; it's a combination. Because in addition to being optimally motivated, the sales topper - endowed with the art of selling - will also need to acquire knowledge. About what kind of product they are selling to whom, in what kind of market, at what price, who their competitors are, etc. You don’t get this baggage for free; gaining broad knowledge is crucial. Talk to people who know more about something, read a good book, and follow the right courses or seminars.

And, last but not least, there is the necessity of the right skills; the expertise. This includes the skills to listen to a customer, ask questions, argue to persuade a customer to choose the very best solution to their problem. Namely, the solution of the top seller.

And then we're not even talking about performing (key) account management at the highest level, conducting difficult negotiations, or dealing with emotions in (sales) conversations. All these skills can be learned through a combination of doing a lot in practice, supplemented with the right training. Especially if the training is tailored to the challenges of the sales topper themselves.

Individual and practical training

Training. You do it right, or you don't do it at all. If a sales training overlooks the individual possibilities to become a top seller, forget it. And if a sales training only assumes standard situations: then a top seller is not needed. They want customization and to apply the learned necessary skills directly in practice. Only an individual – Behaviour Modelling – approach optimizes the top seller.

By: Paul Schmidt

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