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What Competencies Does a Top Salesperson Have?

A top salesperson has extensive knowledge of the sales profession, enriched with marketing concepts and an understanding of the commercial processes of buying and selling goods and services. They must be able to conduct a professional sales conversation and negotiate effectively. In this blog, we delve deeper into the required behaviors and commercially related competencies of a professional salesperson.

Behavior-Related Competencies for Sales Skills

A sales top performer communicates at a high level with various people and is self-critical. They are accountable and can handle criticism.

They understand the relevant factors that determine customer behavior and adjust their behavior accordingly. They also profile customers and prospects based on their nature and behavior. Additionally, they assess customer needs and translate them into customer desires.

The salesperson understands the importance of purchasing and empathizes with the behavior of a customer/buyer. When presenting and demonstrating, they express themselves clearly and convincingly, using the right tone in speech and writing. Their communication is correct and goal-oriented. And if there are still complaints, they know how to handle them effectively.

Commercially Related Competencies for a Dynamic Environment

The top salesperson understands organizational principles and motivational factors. They function well in sales organizations and align their (sales) activities with the possibilities within their own organization. They have extensive knowledge of the interplay in a marketing mix, including the relationship between buyer behavior and marketing instruments. They are familiar with the key terms, concepts, theories, and methodologies and thus profile buyers and prospects based on their nature and behavior.

Time management is crucial, as well as efficiently organizing their own work. The professional is stress-resistant and adapts flexibly to uncertainties and unforeseen situations. They recognize the importance of distribution and logistics and incorporate this knowledge.

They have an affinity for customers and can conduct a structured, needs-based sales conversation (empathetic and capable of negotiation). They think and act in a customer-oriented manner and can establish and develop relationships and maintain them effectively.

A top salesperson is interested in current developments in their field. They are interested in e-commerce, have the ability to systematically handle information and information systems, and can work with common sales information systems. They also have the numerical skills to make calculations that enable them to sell return on investment.

By: Paul Schmidt

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