Challenge Coolmark:

Linking Sales Strategy to Market Needs

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Coolmark is one of the Netherlands' leading wholesalers/distributors in the field of refrigeration technology, climate technology, and water systems.

The Challenge

Coolmark realized that the strategies and tactics were not being followed consistently by everyone and saw this as a good moment to determine whether the market approach was still appropriate.

The Solution

"Improvement and Training, a golden combination."

Richard Droop, managing director of Coolmark: "What really intrigued us about Sales Improvement Group is that they first look at strategy and tactics before they start training. This was an important reason for us to collaborate. The Sales Improver started by conducting a 4-D challenge within our company. Our sales strategy and tactics were scrutinized and adjusted where necessary. Then the Sales Training Trajectory started, where our people were trained. I find the Big Challenge of Improvement and Training very important. The quality of execution, and therefore of our people, is raised to a higher level and more focused on customer focus and the added value of our organization," explains Richard. After the elevator pitch was prepared and the Unique Selling Proposition was defined, the Sales Trainer used them in training sessions so that everyone could convey this effectively to the market.

The Result

"Increased quality and professionalism."

The Sales Improver and Sales Trainer are able to conduct a thorough analysis and align targeted training accordingly. This is evident in the increased quality and professionalism of our people. They are better able to generate and realize more sales. Negotiations are now more effective, resulting in higher results, while maintaining the focus on customers and strategy.
"In the future, we will certainly look at where we can train and develop further. Sales is like top sports. You have to keep training constantly, otherwise you can't achieve top performance."

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