Martin van de Wijgerd

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous jobs

Project Manager, Key Accountmanager, Program Manager, Sales Manager, Business Unit Manager, Sales Director

Branche experience

Installors, property maintenance, safety & security, energy technology, technical wholesaler, production companies, international horticulture


Martin started as an engineer and made his way to business administration and management through different commercial positions, each in various industries. He discovered that helping people grow within their commercial role is one of his strong suits. He achieves this by helping them to become more aware of their skills and capabilities. This has enthused him to train and coach people. His strongest asset is that he is able to find people's core qualities and knows how to maximize these abilities to reach optimal results.


It excites me that I am in the position to help others to grow in their role. I know what drives sales men and women, since I have worked within different levels in international organizations. By using the combination of our strong concept and my personal experience I guide people to exceed in their own performance and help companies realize above average results.