Martin van de Wijgerd

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous professions

Project Manager, (Key) Account Manager, Program Manager, Sales Manager, Business Unit Manager, Commercial Director

Industry experience

Installers, real estate maintenance, safety & security, energy technology, technical wholesale, manufacturing companies, international horticulture



Martin started in technology and transitioned to business administration and management through sales. He has held various (international) commercial roles in different industries. He discovered his ability to help people grow in their commercial roles and make them more aware of their skills. This enthusiasm led him to training and coaching. Martin is capable of identifying the core qualities of individuals and leveraging these qualities to achieve better results.


I am excited that through my training efforts, I can assist others in growing in their roles. Having worked at various levels within international organizations, I can empathize with commercial professionals and understand what motivates them. I use the combination of our strong concept and my personal experiences to consistently elevate individuals' performance and help organizations in their professionalization.