Challenge KOPexpo:

Better Serving Customers Through Excellent Teamwork

What's your sales challenge?

In Vaassen, a team of about thirty professionals works every day on the ultimate exhibition stand for the customer. Their goal is to perfectly translate the brand story of companies into an exhibition concept, including the associated marketing strategy. This is how KOP helps customers grow their business and brand awareness. Over the past year, KOPexpo has designed stands for clients such as Rabobank, Strukton, Honda, and Plegt-Vos. In addition to stand construction, KOP specializes in interior construction, including office interiors, store design, and experience centers.

The Challenge

The KOP team has extensive experience in stand construction and knows how important deadlines are. "Good project management is a must. That's why we have mapped out our processes completely and digitized them where possible. By having control over every step of the process, we can better help our customers connect with existing and new customers," says Marius Bos, CEO at KOPexpo. "When we came into contact with Sales Improvement Group in 2017, we were looking for support in expanding and professionalizing our sales team. Our sales process is quite complex because it is based on reading and understanding the customer. To better respond to customer needs, we were looking for a more general approach for the sales team that would monitor individual talents and competencies."

The Solution

First, a sales analysis was conducted by interviewing employees from marketing, sales, projects, management, and team leaders. Then, Fred Jonkman (sales improver) began translating the renewed strategy into operational actions. In addition, a customized training program by Michel van Hesse (sales trainer) was set up for account managers and team leaders. The program's implementation is ensured through a combination of coaching and monitoring measurable progress. "Jorrit Visser (sales trainer) conducts the training in a very practical way, which leads to real behavioral changes and the authenticity of the employees," says Bos.

The Result

Our sales professionals have become stronger as a team, and each one works with more focus on the right things to achieve the desired results. Conversion rates from leads to orders have improved, and the team is better at engaging customers by understanding their wishes and needs. Marius Bos's satisfaction with the results achieved so far is evident from his reaction: "It's great to see that our customers are being better served and that our (sales) employees, with the help of Sales Improvement Group, are achieving higher returns from their sales efforts."

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