Challenge Royal Grolsch N.V.:

Create a Result-Oriented Sales Engine

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Grolsch is a versatile international company that has grown into one of the strongest A-brands in the Netherlands over the years.
The company has been in existence for over 400 years and has been owned by the Japanese Asahi Group Holdings since 2016. This significantly expanded the portfolio with beautiful brands.

The Challenge

Jacco Potkamp, Sales Director of Royal Grolsch, a versatile international company that has grown into one of the strongest A-brands in the Netherlands over the years, asked us to create a well-oiled Sales Engine for his sales team. "Quality is highly valued at Grolsch, both for our product and for the way we work. This applies to our distribution to the Hospitality and Retail channels as well. There was still a lot of room for improvement in the fragmented Hospitality market. Three years ago, through intensive collaboration between Sales and HR, an extensive plan was developed. The Sales Engine had to take shape; with the right people selling in a different way."

The Solution

"Practical conversation techniques; immediately applicable."

"The professionalism and approach of Sales Improvement Group stood out, and the way Michel van Hesse presented the perfectly fitting SPACE concept convinced us to embark on a program. The methodology was practical and immediately applicable; after the first training day, Sales Managers, Account Managers, and I could already apply improvements in conversation techniques! Because Sales Trainer Jorrit Visser is familiar with the language of Hospitality entrepreneurs and Account Managers, I noticed that the motivation and commitment to execute the learned skills were high," Jacco said.

The Result

"More new customers, significantly more beer volume sold."

Volume growth due to an increase in customers and a larger volume of beer sold because customers sold more of our products. The two main objectives have thus been achieved. The Sales Engine is running at full throttle.

"While beer consumption in the Netherlands declined, we have grown significantly in the past five years, thanks in part to Sales Improvement Group,"

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