Jan van der Avoird

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous jobs

Sales / Sales Manager / Accountmanager / Commercial Manager / Sales Manager en Operations

Branche experience

Productions, Timber Imports – construction, domestic appliance, wholesale industrial, retail, DIY and Garden Industry, Renewable Energy


Jan has a long track record when it comes to national and International Sales and Sales Management. He also has a ton of experience with the "other side" (purchase), especially internationally. This combination, along with his acquired knowledge and experience in various industries and the intensive work with sales teams, results in the fact that Jan is extremely versatile. In addition, he is a passionate and enthusiastic person who is able to hit the right note at all levels.


"Salesmanship starts when the customer says no". A slogan that has lead through my commercial career. Sales is human interaction. Customers can see, feel and smell the difference between a "trick" or an act presented with passion, knowledge and skill. I do believe enthusiasm, personal attention and of course knowledge are a guarantee to be successful. My experience, conviction and passion for the Sales Profession are the base to get the best out of people, individually as well as a team. By using our methods we can make your customers say "Yes".