Jeroen Santema

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous jobs

External sales, Account Manager, Project Manager, Field Sales manager, Key-Accountmanager, Sales manager

Branche experience

Hospitality Service, Landscaping, garden industry, tobacco/sweets, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Wholesale, Trading and Manufacturing companies, pet food


Jeroen is a very versatile and ambitious salesman. Because of his years of experience in sales he is truly valuable for a sales company. By starting at the bottom, he worked himself up through all levels within the Sales Department. Due to his personality and experience in various industries, Jeroen is able to react quickly and effectively on the level and wishes of his customers. He is particularly valued by his customers for his honesty and positive, practical and goal-oriented approach.


I like to help commercial people act at a higher level by training and coaching for a better result, by individuals and therefore also the organization. By combining my customized training and practical exercises I make a lasting difference in the development of personal skills.