Monique van Run

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous jobs

Account manager, inside sales, Sales & Marketing Manager, entrepreneur

Branche experience

ICT, Telecom, business services, wholesale and retail



Monique is an energetic and enthusiastic woman who has gained a lot of experience from several sales positions and as an entrepreneur. She focusses on people and believes that they have the ability to be a unique asset to any company, especially in the sales business. Monique has a broad experience in several branches of the B2B market. Monique has the ability to connect people with and to get them enthusiastic for account management, acquisition and sales.


As a sales trainer it is my ambition to motivate people, to inspire and to coach them. To get them to get the maximum result from their sales efforts and to be and to feel successful and to truly contribute to the sales successes of the company. To think in solutions and to be able to switch perspectives and to think like a customer. Working together towards a better result is Monique’s motto.