Wim Jansen

Sales Improvement Professional

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Previous jobs

Area Manager, District Manager, Sales Manager

Branche experience

Construction industry, manufacturing, processing industry, Professional Services


Because of his contagious enthusiasm Wim knows how to activate and motivate his partners and participants. During his long sales career as a Manager of medium and large sales teams, coaching and training of employees became a second nature for Wim. Because of his strong will to get the best out of sales people Wim is an extremely driven Sales Trainer. This to the delight of clients and participants who have experienced his drive and focus first hand.


To meet the future behavioral changes by initiating, developing and coaching, continual. Maximizing core qualities of staff, developing and expressing new skills. Letting staff experienced by making and feeling the difference. This generates moral and success and improves the sales results from my clients.To continually aim for the highest goals, by initiating, developing and coaching behavioral changes. Optimizing the qualities of sales people and to teach them new skills. Showing sales people that they can make the difference. This boosts moral and improves the sales results of my clients.