Sander van der Linden

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous Occupations

Intermediary, Branch Manager, Franchise Manager, Franchise Director, Operations Director, Commercial Manager, and Entrepreneur.

Industry Experience

Business Services, Franchise, Staffing, Security, Sports & Leisure, Funeral Services, Auto Body Repair.
For inquiries regarding Permanent Education in Funeral Services, you can contact me using my contact information.



Sander has followed a career path where sales, management, and entrepreneurship have been constant themes. In the staffing industry, he was introduced to the fundamentals of sales from an early age. He transitioned through various operational and commercial management roles into the world of franchise entrepreneurs, where entrepreneurship, sales, and knowledge transfer played a prominent role. Working with both franchisors and franchisees, he achieved growth, success, and results. Sander is results-oriented, passionate, always clear, and communicates easily at different levels.


As a Management and Sales Trainer and Coach, I want to help people develop themselves. In a business context, this leads to more efficient work, better results, and success. Through my training, I aim to provide people with tools and inspire personal growth. Success is not only determined by achieving goals and targets. When you can bring out the best in yourself, it benefits you in all aspects of life.