Challenge Aras Security:

Professionalizing the Sales Organization

What's your sales challenge?

ARAS Security is an independent family business and has grown since 1989 to become one of the largest security distributors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Turkey. ARAS Security Benelux is a value-added distributor. This means that they supply electronic security products and systems, and also provide extensive support. Installation is done by expert installation partners. These partners can always rely on specialist teams for each product group in case of complex challenges. ARAS can even provide complete project guidance, so the client gets the most optimal solution for every situation.

The challenge

The challenge was to professionalize the entire sales organization, with a focus on management and sales training. The goal was to have a uniform approach to how the organization is managed, as well as how we approach, convince, and serve existing and new customers.

The solution

After the Sales Improvement and Sales Training Analysis by Martin van de Wijgerd and Dirk-Jan Vijfvinkel, it was decided to go through an integral process. Concrete action plans were determined based on the strategy, and the necessary tools were developed. At the same time, a training program was started for the management team, the inside and outside sales, product management, and project support/technicians. The program was later supplemented with the implementation of a Key Account Management program.

The result

"Positive stories about the successes achieved in sales keep coming from the sales team," said Julius Faber. The integral approach of Sales Improvement Group and the efforts of Dirk-Jan and Martin have resulted in lasting changes and a more professional management and sales team. We now work with clear focus markets and a tactical sales plan that links business objectives to individual action plans for each department and function. Personal guidance led to the development of appropriate tools that were successfully implemented. “We use these tools and techniques every week. It has been shown that applying recognizable practical situations during training has been of great importance to all teams. Positive stories about the successes achieved in sales keep coming from the sales team, and the learned management and sales techniques have become second nature to most of them."

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