Dirk-Jan Vijfvinkel

Sales Improver

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Previous Occupations

Product Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Commercial Director, Director, Head of Marketing & Sales

Industry Experience

International B2B, chemical products, industrial/medical gases, industrial R&D, maintenance engineering, medical markets, food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial production.



Dirk-Jan is an international B2B professional with a strong drive to improve the commercial performance of companies and business units. He is focused on getting things done, paying close attention to details. Dirk-Jan prefers to manage systematically and aims for measurable results. In his operational sales and marketing roles, Dirk-Jan successfully led numerous improvement projects, both nationally and internationally. He has led various business units as a director and was responsible for strategic business planning. Dirk-Jan is highly valued for his ability to initiate change with the full involvement of relevant teams.


I want to help organizations and individuals recognize and achieve improvement steps. Formulating a sales strategy in such a way that it is understood at the operational level, enabling everyone to contribute to the improvement of sales results. Success should bring recognition to all! This creates the right spirit for continuous improvement and growth.