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Accelerating the Growth of Climate Neutral Group

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Climate Neutral Group's mission is to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees for future generations. The focus is on organizations, products, and services. The goal is to achieve Absolute zero CO2 with them by 2050. With respect for the organization, stakeholders, and the environment, they assess what is needed and demonstrate that it is possible. They use recognized methods to make the results on the path to Absolute zero CO2 credible and transparent. They enable organizations to do what they do best: within the planet's boundaries, with meaning and value. In 2020, the executive team, consisting of René Toet (Managing Director), John Leppers (Director), and Arjen Struijk (Commercial Director), acquired the shares through a management buy-in.

The Challenge

René, John, and Arjen realized that to accelerate growth, several systematic, organizational, and process improvements were needed. In addition to the 'next step' in more structural matters, there was an awareness that the way Climate Neutral Group's services were discussed with customers needed to change—in short, Keep It Simple.

The Solution

After the Sales Improvement Analysis, we agreed on an Action Plan with the management team to take the entire organization to the next level to maximize impact. The first step was to refine and supplement the strategic plan, which was then translated into tactical sales plans and individual action plans in the following months. Processes such as customer and prospect approach, quotation processes, and communication structures were revamped by Jeroen Verdam and Jeroen de Korte (Sales Improvers). After the development of the Sales Toolkit, it was the perfect time to start the program for developing the sales and management skills of the employees, which continues to this day. These training sessions are conducted by Sander van der Linden. It was important to start from the basics; all climate specialists are passionate and committed; how do you now convert this energy into actual impact and bind organizations to you? How and what conversation do you have with the customer?

The Result

"In the first year of the collaboration, despite a hiccup at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, fantastic growth was achieved, and we continued with the next steps. Strategic and tactical plans have been updated, and structures suitable for the changed organization have been adjusted, including a modified work distribution, a new commercial inside sales department, sharpening of the product and service offering, and the commercialization of the consultancy department. What was beautiful to see was that the proposed mindset has truly become 'own' to the organization. Competence management has deepened, and the training has focused on professional conversations with various organizations, large and small, through numerous practical cases. In early 2022, Climate Neutral Group took the next step in its growth and merged with Anthesis, a fantastic team of dedicated sustainability professionals. Arjen Struijk: "They share our mission to combat climate change and our values and dedication to working as a B Corp. By becoming part of Anthesis, access was realized to a global platform to present climate-neutral certification, project development, and compensation initiatives. Our customers also benefit from the global Anthesis network and the knowledge of their sustainability experts. The scale and ambition of the Anthesis Group create development opportunities for the Climate Neutral Group team and accelerate the impact of our work—something urgently needed in this decisive phase for the climate. The good work of the Sales Improvement Group now has a global platform. Sander van der Linden: "We are proud and grateful that we have been able to follow and guide Climate Neutral Group in their development journey over the past years."

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