Aynsley Romijnsen


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Previous Occupations

Account Specialist, Office Manager, Regional Manager, Sales Manager, Liaison Officer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Director

Industry Experience

Retail, Business Services, Occupational Health and Safety (ARBO), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Customer Service Centers, Temporary Staffing and Recruitment, Consultancy, Industry



Aynsley knew from a young age that he wanted to work as a business advisor. Helping people achieve better results in their daily activities is his greatest challenge. He has worked in various industries in various commercial roles from executive to director level. He spent a year in America working for a large IT supplier. In addition, Aynsley has been regularly asked by investors to professionalize and grow their organizations. He had successfully completed several sales organization improvements before joining Sales Improvement Group as a Sales Improver. As a mentor for Jong Ondernemen (Young Enterprise), Aynsley assists students who have to start a real business as part of their studies. Aynsley's clients appreciate him for his dedication, sharp analyses, and positive confrontations.


Actively involved daily in making organizations and people excel. Creating synergy between strategic ideas and actual implementation in practice. Achieve optimal functioning from a vision and strategy by developing a practical action plan and efficiently organizing sales processes. Provide people with the right tools. They have to do it!



National Benchmark Sales Optimization

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Sales Pipeline management and the crisis

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