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Smarter and Better Business Processes

What is your sales challenge?

Benelux market leader and specialist in in-store media. André media provides double-sided CartBoards attached to shopping carts and Checkout posters on checkout bars. André media turns stores into advertising locations and aims to offer local entrepreneurs a solution to connect with their target audience, brand their brand, and create a top-of-mind position.

The Challenge

"We are a sales company at heart and since our start in 2009, we dived straight into the market, grew in revenue, and went full steam ahead," says Ruby de Ridder, General Director of André Media. When that growth subsequently stagnated, the conviction arose that several business processes could be better and smarter. When approaching the Sales Improvement Group, De Ridder got in touch with Han-Jorrit van Bremen, Sales Improver at Sales Improvement Group. "Han-Jorrit exuded confidence and expertise, which gave us a good feeling. This convinced us that we had found a party that had a lot to offer us," says De Ridder.

The Solution

Sales Improvement Group delved into the internal organization and examined the associated areas for improvement. This involved talking to staff from all levels of the company, and all financial figures were scrutinized. This allowed for an accurate picture of the current state of affairs to be painted. Following an extensive analysis, a strategic plan was written, which included a critical review of André Media's mission, vision, and product-market combinations. Based on this, short and long-term goals were set. Factors such as an improved distribution of tasks and various functions within management, further development of staff, and the improvement of the quality of customer contracts and operational aspects such as business logistics would benefit both the company and sales.

The Result

  • The consultation structures within André Media have been streamlined.
  • The management roles have been critically reviewed and provided with job descriptions.
  • The business planning model has been adjusted, allowing all employees to perform optimally in their own field. This is reflected in the growth and quality of contracts, contract size, and customer retention. All of this has led to a revenue growth of up to 30 percent.

What inquiries do you have?

How can I attract new customers? Where can I find the potential target audience for my product or service? What should be my plan of action in this regard? If you provide your contact details here, we will get in touch with you, allowing you to decide whether you wish to proceed to the next step.

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