Challenge NBC Congress Centre:

Objective achieved 2 years earlier than planned

What is your sales challenge?

The NBC Congress Centre is a modern conference and event venue in Nieuwegein. With 2 event halls of 1800 m² each, 34 rooms, and an enormous dose of hospitality and involvement, they facilitate business gatherings such as conferences, trade shows, meetings, training sessions, and corporate events.

The challenge

The NBC Congress Centre has been looking for the perfect way to relieve its clients since 1992. They do this with a team of employees who work hard to offer guests a perfect gathering. In order to stay ahead in their market and to further engage employees with NBC, a collaboration with Sales Improvement Group began at the end of 2016. The question asked was, "Do you want to help us shape our long-term vision and prepare our sales team for the future?"

The solution

"Involving employees from the beginning"

The question seemed simple, but after starting with a Sales Improvement Analysis and a Sales Training Analysis, it turned out that improvements could be made in several areas. Sales Improver Marc de Vries, along with responsible leaders Justin van Hooijdonk, Thijs Petersen, and Liesbeth Grootvelt, started working on the Sales Strategy, Sales Process, and Sales tools. All employees individually contributed to changing the approach. At the same time, Sales Trainer Jeroen Santema worked on training sales management skills and commercial skills. This combined approach really worked and brought quick results.

The result

"Simplified approach, a real sales drive, and more return on investment"

By creating a different offer within the new Sales Strategy, with simplified packages, it became much easier to respond quickly to a customer's request with an offer, according to Thijs Petersen. While the service for the client improved, the work for the employees became simpler. Thanks to the training, an even better sales culture was created, and our results increased much faster than planned.

"We will certainly continue to improve our services. Sales Improvement Group will definitely remain one of our partners."

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