Thomas Cech

Sales Trainer

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Previous Occupations

Marketing Communication Advisor, Account Manager, Sales and Marketing Director, Scrum Master, and Entrepreneur

Industry Experience

Retail, E-commerce, Food & Beverage, Leisure, Hospitality, Media, Marketing, Communication, Industry, ICT, Business Services, and Automotive



Thomas has a background in strategic marketing communication. From there, he quickly transitioned into sales and sales management roles. As a manager, he has always focused on developing his colleagues and transferring knowledge and skills. He pragmatically conveys his extensive knowledge and curiosity in the field of sales and sales management to others. Many participants now benefit from this, which gives him a great sense of satisfaction.


My ambition is to make people better in their current profession and positively influence their entire career and life. Within the commercial domain, I aim to transfer as much of (unused) knowledge and expertise as possible. I believe more in hard work and discipline than in talent. I am convinced that most people can achieve much more than they themselves believe is possible, and it is my challenge to bring that out. What the maximum is, varies for everyone. Personal values include resilience, discipline, vitality, caring, wisdom, inspiration, and continuous development.