Rob Amory

Sales Improver

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Previous Occupations

Inside sales executive, country manager, sales manager, key account manager, global key account manager, business unit manager, and entrepreneur.

Industry Experience

Paper, packaging, adhesive materials, circular economy, B2B, wholesale, industry.



Rob is a dedicated sales professional. Starting from his studies in sports combined with high-level sports, he has developed a strong drive, passion, perseverance, and a winner's mentality that has made him successful in sales and his career. He has been an entrepreneur in several businesses, where he has managed (large) teams in various disciplines. Rob knows how an entrepreneur can maximize their daily efforts and can provide valuable guidance in shaping a well-oiled sales organization, thereby increasing results. Combined with all his sales qualities, he works with passion and a high degree of empathy with the customer towards predefined goals. He is an excellent coach and has the ability to turn existing issues into valuable sales propositions with his attentive listening.


With passion and humor, I work together with the entrepreneur and sales teams on valuable sales propositions with the aim of becoming the "winner." My ambition is to be a solid partner/coach of the entrepreneur with joy and an entrepreneurial spirit for the long term. It is essential to continue learning in the field and to form collaborations because achieving a goal is and remains TEAMWORK!