Peter Nieuwelink

Sales Improver

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Previous Occupations

Account Manager New Business, Product Manager, Sales Manager Benelux, Sales & Marketing Manager Europe, Commercial Manager, Business Unit Manager

Industry Experience

Industry, Construction, Retail, Retail Trade, Technical Wholesale, Manufacturing Company, Consultancy



Peter has gained his knowledge and experience in the areas of sales, marketing, strategy, and organizational development from various companies and across different industries. What he has consistently found as the common thread over the past 25 years is that people are the determining factor for success. Peter has a clear focus on results, where he can establish a clear vision and strategy. Additionally, he has the ability to build consensus among people within the organization. He always seeks a good balance between ambition and realism, both for his clients and the people in every organization. Peter has such a strong sense of responsibility that constantly challenges him to contribute to successful sales teams in a positive way.


My goal is to contribute to profitable revenue growth for clients with my knowledge, experience, and personality. People and processes are at the core of this. My motto is "almost nothing is impossible," intentionally using a double negation, where I primarily approach the impossible as possible. This keeps the focus on achieving the best possible outcome. I aim for a good balance between work and personal life, where the drive for success essentially remains the same. In business, sports, and social aspects, I expect a lot from myself and also enjoy it. As a result of this pursuit, I am able to work and live with full dedication and passion.