Challenge Agrea:

Transform our sales department from product-focused to sales-focused

What is your sales challenge?

Agrea is a wholesaler of agricultural products. By providing the right advice, knowledge, and products, Agrea achieves the best returns for its customers in the agricultural sector. Ton Gielen, Partner at Agrea, received advice from a satisfied customer to improve the contact between the sales team and the customer.

The challenge

“Transform our sales department from product-focused to sales-focused”

The solution

Thanks to a BIG Challenge, Sales Improvement Group improved the commercial skills of Agrea's sales staff. The Sales Improvers and Sales Trainers linked theory to concrete techniques, allowing what was learned to be immediately applied in practice. In addition to improving the communication skills of the sales staff, Sales Improvement Group also examined Agrea's internal organization. An analysis provided insights into Agrea's strengths and various improvement actions made the sales organization more efficient.

The result

”Good and practical insights”

The BIG Challenge program has provided Agrea with many actionable insights. The customer-oriented approach of the sales team has resulted in even better service and the highest customer satisfaction. Ton Gielen says, "Sales Improvement Group has given us insights that we have truly worked on. Sales Improvement Group has examined both our internal organization and improved the communication skills of our commercial staff. The focus on both strategy and skills is a winning combination!"

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