Jeroen Verdam

Sales Improver

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Previous occupations

General manager, managing director, director marketing & sales

Industry experience

Manufacturing, wholesale, electrical engineering, transport & logistics, health care, business services, food industry, international retail, and consultancy.



Jeroen is a driven change-maker. Adventure runs in his blood. He has gained work experience on all continents, residing in four of them. In addition to various commercial and operational management positions, Jeroen has 10 years of experience as the ultimate responsible authority, succeeding two managing directors. The fact that former employers have brought Jeroen back multiple times speaks volumes about his results and competencies. As a Sales Improver, he leverages this experience to further enhance results for his clients.


My passion is to sustainably grow organizations together with enthusiastic people in a no-nonsense culture that demands intelligent commercial solutions. By translating these solutions into practical actions and tools, it becomes clear and concrete for every employee to contribute to improving sales results.