Challenge Rittal:

Sustaining Growth at Least as Fast as the Market

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Rittal is a global leading system supplier for enclosure systems, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure, and software and services. Rittal combines products, forward-looking engineering solutions, and global service for various industries. There are more than 10,000 motivated employees from over 100 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Rittal BV manufactures and develops solutions at the highest level in the field of enclosure systems, power distribution, climate control, and IT infrastructures in almost every industry. In the Netherlands, Rittal has a leading position, "even with a growing market, we need to raise the bar, we have ambitious goals," says Geert Laseur, director of Rittal Netherlands. "We are strong in technical advice, but today's market demands more." Prices are under pressure, competition from abroad is increasing, and customers are critical. To tackle this, Sales needs a boost. "Making technical knowledge profitable is what's needed," says Laseur.

The Solution

After a thorough sales analysis and discussions with a cross-section of both the field and inside sales, Danielle de Bode created a customized program. Training for the commercial and technical inside sales, acquisition and account management training for the Account Managers. The relevant managers are also trained in their leadership skills. This is combined with on-the-job coaching, application in actual practice. During the training, Danielle focuses particularly on behavior change, which is what is needed.

The Result

The success of the program is evident from the first results achieved, which exceed the target. Unlike previous years, the Account Managers have attracted more new customers to Rittal. The IT business unit has grown stronger than expected. There is also more insight into the share of wallet of existing customers, and inside sales has achieved a higher conversion rate on quotes. Geert Laseur is proud of this. "The program is still ongoing, and so far, it has been very satisfactory, especially the acquisition action has had a significant impact, and there are still plenty of opportunities!"

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