Han-Jorrit van Bremen

Sales Improver

  088 7722318
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Previous Occupations

Account Manager, Sales Manager, Trade Marketing Director, Entrepreneur, Executive Searcher, Organization Advisor

Industry Experience

Retail, FMCG, Industry, Business Services, Staffing and Recruitment, Executive Search, Consultancy



Han-Jorrit knew during his Dutch Law studies that he wanted to delve into commerce. The dynamics between marketing, sales, and production logistics have always fascinated him. Additionally, he developed a keen interest in developing and coaching people. He has worked in various industries in different commercial roles, from operational to executive levels. He has worked in the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, and Switzerland for a large FMCG multinational and later started an ice cream company as an entrepreneur. In recent years, he has been active as an Executive Searcher, coach, and organization advisor. Han-Jorrit has a good sense of relationships within organizations, quickly gains trust, and can bind people together. With his broad national and international experience, he can quickly and accurately analyze, optimize sales processes, and increase returns.


Helping individuals and organizations recalibrate in this rapidly changing society and, if necessary, reinvent themselves. People make the organization, and only a cohesive team takes pleasure in successfully implementing a new strategic direction in practice. Turn thinking into a concrete and practical plan of action with clear benchmarks. Truly empower people and provide them with the right resources. You have to do it together, and above all, don't forget to celebrate success together.