Challenge Omnivent:

Optimizing Sales Skills of Salespeople

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This Dutch company with its headquarters in Zeewolde and branches in Poland, China, and Argentina operates globally in the development, manufacture, and installation of modern ventilation and climate control technologies. Innovation, service, advice, and guidance are key words.

The Challenge

Luuk Salomons, Director of Omnivent: "Our salespeople are all specialists in their field. Highly educated individuals with an agricultural and/or technical background. A few years ago, I felt that with the right tools, they could approach and persuade customers even more efficiently. That's when I got in touch with Dirk Jan Bode of the Sales Improvement Group. We clicked. The personal approach of the Sales Improvement Group appealed to me immediately." Sales Trainer Dirk Jan Bode was tasked with refreshing and deepening the sales skills of the salespeople, tailored to the industry.

The Solution

Dirk Jan started within Omnivent by conducting the Sales Training Analysis. He requested documents, familiarized himself, spoke with each salesperson, and collected suitable practical cases. Dirk Jan Bode: "This allowed me to precisely tailor the training to the employees and the culture within the company and the market. A good sales conversation arises from the customer's needs. In addition, the structure of the sales conversation is important." The first training was very well received within Omnivent. More followed: 'Organizing trade shows' and 'Selling to price buyers'.

The Result

Luuk Salomons: "What greatly appeals to us is that the training sessions were specifically tailored to Omnivent. It's about our product and our market.
Do we see results? Absolutely. Over the past few years, our company has grown by fifty to sixty percent. I won't claim that this is solely due to better sales techniques, but it definitely plays a role. I'm convinced of that."

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