Evert Ruiter

Sales Improver

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Previous Occupations

New Business Account Manager, Management Consultant, Sales Manager, Interim Manager, Aftersales Director, Commercial Director, Branch Director

Industry Experience

Automotive, Financial Services, Staffing Industry, Construction, Business Services, Wholesale, and Production



Evert has always been fascinated by sales, the game, the balance of listening and speaking, and the necessary curiosity. He loves taking responsibility, delivering, and making a return. Above all, he is a conversational partner who asks probing questions and wants to know.

Evert gained his sales and management experience at a publicly traded company, a startup, and a family business, both in retail and B2B.

Additionally, as a management consultant, he sold and successfully executed change projects in various industries.

Evert is both analytically driven and supportive, performance-oriented. He is open, seeks structure, and persists until the result is achieved. Evert stands by what he says and has been rehired or recommended by clients and former employers.


Empower people to take pride in sales. Sales is the most beautiful profession when you are in the lead. Of course, salespeople are nice, but being in the lead is something else.
Leading in sales is having reliable insight into your conversion, your forecast, and your profit contribution. Achieving that level together is invaluable and delightful to work on together.