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Make our technical account managers more commercial

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Phoenix Contact is a global leader in components, systems, and solutions in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. Today, the family-owned company has 16,500 employees worldwide. The headquarters is located in Blomberg, Germany. The Phoenix Contact Group has fourteen companies in Germany and more than 50 sales subsidiaries. In addition, the company's global presence is supported by 40 representations in Europe and beyond.

The challenge

Phoenix Contact is a family-owned company of German origin and is a leader and innovator in industrial electrical engineering. Due to economic downturns, fierce competition, and diversity within the sales department, a structured commercial approach for sales was needed to make people think and act more commercially.

The solution

“A good connection between the trainer and the team is very important”

"Through the training, we hoped that our people would think and act even more commercially," says Frans Ribourdouille, Business Area Manager. "Within our company, we deal with technical people who have a lot of knowledge about our products but don't always think from a commercial perspective. The duration of the training is about two years, so our people are guided in their development over a longer period. We started with a kind of pilot group of six employees who themselves indicated that they wanted to go through a commercial development trajectory. They were so enthusiastic that they became referees, which quickly prompted other colleagues to follow suit. The tools and methodologies are good, and employees can apply them directly in practice. In addition, even managers receive training, which is very important. This way, they also get the tools to guide their team effectively."

The result

"An important step towards thinking and acting more commercially"

"People have really taken a step to be not only technicians but also merchants. The tools from the training are put into practice. The connection we had with the trainers was of great value. They understood our company and handled the training well."
"The outcome of the training is successful; employees now think more commercially."

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