Dirk Jan Bode

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous Occupations

IT Auditor, Business Consultant, Sales Consultant, Trainer/Coach, Sales Manager, Deputy Director, Commercial Director

Industry Experience

Accounting, IT, Banking, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Insurance, Business Services

dirk jan bode


Dirk Jan has experienced all facets of the sales profession. Prior to a career in sales, Dirk Jan built a career in accounting and IT auditing. This enables him to quickly translate within organizations the benefits of products/services for the customer, utilizing this knowledge in coaching and training. In the management positions filled by Dirk Jan, there has always been a strong focus on the development of his people. His enthusiasm is contagious. In training and coaching assignments, Dirk Jan is excellent at adapting to different experience levels within the organization (from the inside sales to the management). His approach is thorough, social, and focused on achieving lasting positive sales results.


Helping people in their personal growth, improving performance, and surpassing themselves. These are elements in the work that have always given me a lot of satisfaction. Even in sales, or perhaps especially in sales, there is nothing as important as giving individual qualities a place in the team. To achieve successes together, to let the organization grow through the growth that individual salespeople undergo. The returns from this are substantial and extend beyond just increasing revenue. The joy in work increases, loyalty rises, and it becomes possible to achieve more with the same number of people. That is what I strive for together with my clients.