Ben Peek

Sales (Management) Trainer

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Previous Occupations

Sales representative, product manager, commercial manager, marketing manager, sales manager EMEA, global distribution manager, director, consultant

Industry Experience

(chemical) industry, wholesale, capital goods, logistics, transportation, food



Ben started in technical sales and eventually moved into relationship sales. He has held multiple commercial roles, understands a salesman and sales manager like no other, and is familiar with target pressure as well as the need for market information. Ben has experience from telephone acquisition to so-called large account management with the management of global corporations, especially in the capital goods market. He has always been able to share his experience with the people he led. He has truly helped the salespeople in his teams improve.


As a salesperson, I have always wanted to improve myself, and as a manager, I have always derived the most satisfaction from making people more successful, mainly by working from their character and qualities. Few things are as satisfying as this, as well as seeing them achieve more results and take responsibility, both personally and professionally. I aim to help my clients achieve a more efficient and goal-oriented sales organization, with measurable results.