Thierry de Voogd

Sales Improver

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Previous Occupations

Key Account Manager, Field Sales Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing & Sales Manager, Head of Sales & Marketing, Sales Director

Industry Experience

Office Supplies, Consumer Electronics, Wholesale, Sustainable Energy, Music Industry, Start-ups & Scale-ups, SAAS, Software, E-commerce, B2C, B2B



Thierry is a passionate sales professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. With his energetic and keen observations, he can optimize the performance of companies and individuals. He has gained extensive sales and management experience at international A-brand companies and has shaped the commercial strategy in both start-ups. With his open and goal-oriented personality, he always extracts maximum results from every organization and helps people excel in a positive way. Thierry is performance-oriented and a pleasant conversational partner who helps companies take the "next step."


To extract the maximum potential and energy from people so that business objectives are achieved with courage. Thinking in solutions and maintaining curiosity continuously is the path to success.