Hans Versteegh

Sales Trainer

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Previous Occupations

Project Engineer ICT, Telecom Director, Account Manager ICT.

Industry Experience

ICT, Transport & Logistics, Food Industry, B2B, and B2C



With around 25 years of experience in sales and sales management, Hans has experienced all facets of this wonderful profession: successes, failures, growth, and self-development. Hans quickly establishes a "click" with people and the necessary depth to help them. He provides people with the necessary tools, solutions, and skills to progress. He brings his enthusiasm, positive outlook on life, realism, and extensive experience. With his background as an entrepreneur, experience in team management, and knowledge of the market and available improvement tools, Hans has important added value as a Sales Improvement Professional.


As an account manager/seller, I first like to listen and understand what the environment needs. In addition, I have the ambition to help people in their personal growth. I also want sales organizations as a whole to thrive and achieve better results. Equally important is that the employee enjoys the sales profession, and I like to work together to help salespeople, managers, and executives achieve their own ambitions.