Andries Visser

Sales Trainer

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Previous Occupations

Area Manager, Account Manager, Export Manager, Hard Discount Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Manager.

Industry Experience

FMCG, wholesale, retail, e-commerce, online.



Throughout his career, Andries has held various commercial positions in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. Driven by his constant desire to keep developing and learning new things, he has experienced many different aspects of the sales profession. He always put in maximum effort to seize or create opportunities, even those often overlooked by others. With his extensive experience in a multinational corporation, as well as his experience in start-ups and scale-ups, he has operated in various contexts. This has given him a unique understanding that each customer, environment, and sales channel brings specific challenges and opportunities.


In everything I do, I bring out the best in myself and my surroundings. I have a strong drive to help people progress and do so with great enthusiasm. For me, sales is about people, discovering what motivates others and responding to that. My love for sports, especially team sports, has led me to view everything from a team perspective: how can we progress together and achieve results?