Pipeline management


Pipeline management

Say goodbye to time-consuming visit reports and form-filling for pipeline management!

As an outside sales representative, you want to excel. Score. Sell. It's quite annoying that you have to create a visit report and fill out the pipeline after each customer visit because it disrupts your sales flow. But these reports are essential for sales managers and executives. They need reliable, up-to-date information to make informed decisions.

Smarter in Sales

Do you recognize this dilemma as a salesperson, sales manager, or member of the management team? Then, make use of our affordable app that helps salespeople create a visit report lightning-fast: within two minutes. TWO minutes! You can stay in your flow, and just think about how much valuable selling time that saves you.

From visit report to pipeline management, numbers, and statistics

The app also makes it easy for sales managers and management teams. All the numbers and statistics you need to increase predictability, manage, adjust, and coach are quickly and clearly available. From information about visits, services sold, margins and revenues, to top 10 customers, new customers, new requests, and discussed products. Whatever you want to know.

Multiple Choice Questions

Say goodbye to typing lengthy visit reports! In fact, the salesperson doesn't have to type any text at all. They are presented with a set of multiple-choice questions. Choose and done! The multiple-choice questions are completely tailored. With our online platform and app, you can easily modify these questions to keep them up to date. You can also choose from various types of multiple-choice questions, such as checkbox questions, swipe questions, entering a date, and so on.


Try the SELLVIEW app for two months for free!

Do you want to create a high-quality visit report quickly as an outside sales representative? And do you want sales managers and management teams to have access to relevant sales figures and statistics? Then our app is a smart choice. Inquire about the possibilities and try the SELLVIEW app for two months for free!

Try Sell View for 2 months for free!

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