Competency Analysis

Competency Analysis

Competency Analysis

The Competency Analysis is an online testing tool that measures competencies of individuals in sales in a straightforward manner. Based on renowned psychological research and an exclusive set of psychological tests, a screening is conducted.

Personality Traits

Through the Competency Analysis, we can provide you with insights into an individual's personality traits. This means that you will get a picture of the competencies in which someone excels (or could excel) and the competencies in which someone may be less proficient. A certain personality may be ideal for one role, while it may be less suitable for another.

Customized Competency Analysis

The Competency Analysis can be tailored for every client and each sales role individually. The available competency list covers various work areas from vocational education (LBO) to higher education (HBO or WO).

The Questionnaires

The questionnaires of the Competency Analysis are scientifically tested and accepted. The results provide objective information about intellectual, personal, interpersonal, and leadership qualities. These can be used for recruitment, career development, coaching, and training.

Completing Tests Online

The Competency Analysis can be completed from any PC with an internet connection. The candidate to be tested fills out the tests at a time that suits them best. If you have any questions about the Competency Analysis, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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