ROI Selling

ROI Selling

ROI Selling

The return on investment is a crucial aspect in selling a product or service. When you can map this out clearly for your conversation partner, you increase the chances of success. This training focuses on the latest skills in ROI selling, where arguments no longer play a decisive role, and other skills and methodologies are needed to persuade your conversation partner.

Practical Calculation

Participants learn practical calculation to convince the customer. Skills are provided to convert the added value of your service or product into actual financial benefits for the customer. Methodologies are also trained to shorten the decision-making process, significantly reducing the sales cycle in practice.

Why ROI Selling Training?

After completing this training, every sales professional can sell based on returns rather than costs.

Topics Covered

The ROI Selling Training consists of multiple sessions covering the following topics in detail:

  • Deepening of topics from previous training
  • Selling the yield of your arguments
  • Commercial calculation
  • Preventing decision delays
  • Cases and practical simulations tailored to your organization and situation

More Information

Would you like more information on how the ROI Selling training would fit into your company? Our sales trainers can clearly explain how this training increases the sales results of your organization.

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