Psychological Closing

Psychological Closing

Psychological Closing

This training covers two crucial psychological aspects related to the closing phase of a sales conversation. A significant part is dedicated to teaching participants how to deal with conversations where the customer is unwilling or unable to decide. How does a salesperson then assert a moral claim in a conversation? Another part of this training focuses on preventing the postponement of decisions. It addresses how a conversation can be turned into a deal despite the customer's resistance.

Why the training in closing sales conversations?

After this training, a salesperson is capable of exerting more influence on potential decision delays. This leads to greater control over the closing phase of a sales conversation. This way, you maintain more control yourself, instead of waiting for a response from the prospect.

Topics Covered

The training on psychological closing of sales conversations saves you a lot of time in the sales process. The training consists of multiple sessions covering the following topics:

  • Deepening topics from previous training sessions
  • Asserting moral claims
  • Preventing decision delays
  • Dealing with decision-makers and influencers
  • Cases and practical simulations tailored to your specific situation and organization

More Information

Would you like more information on how the training on psychological closing of sales conversations could add value to your organization? Our sales trainers can clearly explain how this training enhances the sales results of your organization. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the sales conversation.

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