Professional Quote Follow-up

Professional Quote Follow-up

Professional Quote Follow-up

This training focuses on handling quotation requests. It covers how to understand the importance of the quotation request for the other party. Through interview techniques, a salesperson learns how to quickly align with a (potential) client and identify their needs. It also addresses whether these needs are genuine or if the quote might be used for less relevant purposes.

Quotation Process

The training also covers how to maintain control over the quotation process. Presentation and persuasion are essential aspects of this training. Additionally, participants learn about following up on the quotation, where the goal is to turn it into a successful assignment.

Why the Quote Follow-up Training?

After completing the professional quote follow-up training, your salesperson will have better control over the quotation process. The return on issued quotations significantly increases thanks to this training.

Topics Covered

  • The quotation request
  • Prioritization
  • Interview techniques
  • Control over the quotation process
  • Presentation and persuasion
  • Follow-up on the quotation
  • Cases and practical exercises

Creating Quotes Regularly

This training provides excellent skills for salespeople who regularly create and follow up on quotations, both for inside and outside sales teams. The skills taught are tailored to daily practice. Due to the positively confrontational and constructive training approach, the techniques provided are immediately applicable after completing the training.

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