4-dimensional selling

4-dimensional selling

Training 4-Dimensional Selling

The high-quality 4-dimensional selling training teaches you to articulate emotions between the seller and the conversation partner. During a sales process, we deal with people. A human is largely emotional. This emotional part is protected by a number of layers. How do you, as a seller, deal with the various levels of these layers? What non-verbal behaviors arise from these emotions, and how can you, as a professional seller, handle them?

Articulating Emotions

After this training, you will be able to answer the above questions. You can articulate emotions between you and your conversation partner. You recognize where the pain points are, and you have the ability to turn negative turns in conversations into positive ones. Often, a positive outcome of a (sales) conversation is the result of good interaction on interpersonal matters.

Why 4-Dimensional Selling Training?

Through the training, you gain more control in challenging conversation situations, significantly increasing the chances of successful selling. An important condition for the success of your organization. With this 4-dimensional sales approach, you become more confident and optimize your sales results. Your sales performances will increase significantly. Pure profit for yourself and for the company.

Topics during the 4-Dimensional Sales Training

The 4-dimensional sales training covers multiple sessions, and the following topics are addressed:

  • Deepening topics from previous training
  • Non-verbal communication III
  • Dealing with emotions in sales conversations
  • 4-dimensional selling
  • Cases and practical simulations tailored to your specific situation and organization

Increase Sales Results

More information on how the 4-dimensional selling training fits into your company? Our sales trainers will explain during this training how to increase the sales results of your organization.

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