Léon Heijneman

Sales Improver

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Previous Occupations

(Int.) Key Account Manager, Sales Manager, Channel Manager, Deputy Director, and Sales Director

Industry Experience

Food Service, FMCG, Agri, Out-of-Home, Hospitality



Léon is a true sales professional with an impressive track record at leading companies. With his broad experience in both strategic and operational areas, he excels in translating complex commercial challenges into pragmatic solutions and action plans. Léon is appreciated for his passion for sales, results-oriented approach, no-nonsense attitude, and immense enthusiasm, which he uses to connect sales processes, (sales) teams, and individual employees. He strongly believes in 'going fast alone but going further together,' focusing on optimizing collaboration throughout the chain.


My motivation and energy come from sustainably developing and growing the commercial effectiveness of companies, teams, and employees. The central focus is on achieving sales objectives, which is absolutely attainable through a clear vision, a strong and ambitious sales plan, and excellent execution.