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Number 1 in the MT1000 for the fifth consecutive time

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Number 1 in the MT1000 for the fifth consecutive time

We are only satisfied when the sales of your organization have been thoroughly and permanently improved. We achieve this successfully time and time again thanks to the combination of strategy and operation: we optimize sales organizations and train people. Our methodology (SPACE Concept®) is fully focused on an integral approach.

That this is also recognized by our clients is evident in 2023 from Sales Improvement Group's position in the rankings of the MT-1000.

Management Team has been conducting research into the quality and popularity of service providers in the Dutch market since 2001. In 2019, Sales Improvement Group ranked 1st as the best business service provider. And in 2023, we are the best in the Sales Advice and Sales Training category for the fifth time in a row.

'Sales optimization pays back multiple times'

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Companies struggle to make their sales organization future-proof. New business models and strategies are a necessity, and Sales Improvement Group provides in-depth support. With experienced and successful figures from the field. "Every euro invested in sales is repaid multiple times by a customer of Sales Improvement Group."


Technological developments are almost impossible to keep up with. Moreover, a completely new generation with different characteristics and behavior is emerging. Companies that do not timely align their sales organization are rapidly losing ground. For the customer, it's a big change, but one that is more than worth the investment. Repaying multiple times over is even part of the mission of the 40 professionals at Sales Improvement Group in Veenendaal. Time and time again, the advisory and training organization succeeds in optimizing sales successfully. The high ranking in the MT1000 is not only due to excellent execution but also to the actual improvement of sales results.

Structured sales improvement

A guidance program is based on total optimization rather than sub-optimization. "By working systematically on improving sales, you achieve real results," say directors Michel van Hesse and Aynsley Romijnsen. They emphasize that customer profit improvement is their main goal. "That's why our customers appreciate our total optimization concept. On the one hand, we offer seasoned Sales Improvers, on the other hand, customized Sales Trainers with a practical focus. These two disciplines work closely together through a unique concept with a customer-oriented approach."

SPACE ® Concept

The basis of our success is the integrated SPACE ® concept. Van Hesse explains: "A team of Sales Improvement Professionals tailored to the industry and customer culture conducts a thorough sales analysis. Based on personal interviews and desk research, five domains influencing performance improvement are analyzed: sales strategy, structure, culture/leadership, skills, and tools. This results in a concrete Action Plan." Romijnsen adds, "This integrated approach resulting in total optimization is our added value in the market. We work very pragmatically, providing answers to what needs to be done and in what order." After this so-called 4D Challenge, the right steps are taken to achieve real performance improvement (ROI).

Implementation Support

The actions related to the five relevant domains are carried out by the client with the assistance of the Sales Improvement Group. Romijnsen explains: "We don't leave the client on their own after providing advice; instead, we take responsibility to ensure that they make the desired adjustments in the right way and in the right order. We actively involve all employees in the commercial improvement or change process. Without 100% employee motivation, a change process has little effect." Van Hesse adds, "In addition, we measure progress and ensure that the changes are embedded in the sales organization and in the behavior of the salespeople." The results improve significantly, as evidenced by practical experience.

Sales Improvement Group Management

'By working systematically on sales improvement, you truly achieve results.'

Commercial Stars

The target audience of Sales Improvement Group varies from companies with ten employees to large international corporations, whether they are in business services, wholesale, or manufacturing. Sales and its management are the focus areas of the fifteen-year-old Sales Improvement Group. Van Hesse states, "We successfully tackle practically every challenge in any industry because we always assemble a tailor-made team with 40 experienced professionals who have earned their stripes in sales. Moreover, as a market leader in offering our comprehensive concept with a focus on sales, we are always looking for new commercial stars who want to join us as Sales Improvement Professionals."

Practical Results

NBC Congress Center in Nieuwegein, with event halls and numerous meeting locations, had a sales analysis conducted in 2017. Schmidt says, "This resulted in an Action Plan for adjustments of both strategic and operational nature. All employees individually contributed to changing the approach and implementing a new service concept. At the same time, a Sales Trainer worked on sales management and commercial skills. This combined approach truly worked and delivered quick results. What were the results? In October 2019, NBC already achieved the goal they had expected to reach 2 years later."

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