Company Culture Analysis

Company Culture Analysis

Company Culture

Company culture is created together over time. Culture is formed every day, but you don't think about it every day. When you want to change the company culture because, for example, the population of your company has changed, or because the market requires a different culture, it's good to pause and seek answers to some questions like:

  • What culture do we currently have?
  • What culture is desired by the employees?
  • What culture is desired by the market?
  • What culture is needed to achieve our goals for the coming years?

You can't change culture overnight. However, you can create a new culture. There is a process for this. This process provides insights into the different cultures, the current culture, and the desired culture of an organization or department. Based on three different professional analyses (individual interviews, an online culture test, and an online leadership test), an objective picture is formed.

The session(s) with managers provide insight into the current leadership style and the changes that may be needed in leadership during a culture change. The session with employees is intended to initiate a 'bottom-up' process. By having employees present their insights into the desired culture to the management team, we create a connection.

After these sessions, we guide the progress of the changes in practice. In addition, various follow-up sessions can be scheduled to further train management skills and train employees in communication skills.