Job Vacancies

Are you a sales professional?

Job Vacancies

We are looking for Sales & Management Trainers and Sales Improvers. Are you the commercial expert interested in becoming a Sales & Management Trainer or Sales Improver?

Sales Improvement Group achieves demonstrably better results by increasing the sales performance of its customers. For many years, we have been improving the sales results at companies. We do this through a unique approach called the SPACE Concept®. We offer a service package that optimizes the strategy and all sales processes within companies. This is combined with practical training and coaching. Our training program is extensive and tailored to modern sales practices.

Since 2004, the SPACE Concept® has been successfully applied in the market. A professional team of over 35 experienced Sales Improvers and Sales & Management Trainers is responsible for excellent performance at many organizations in the Netherlands. Sales Improvement Group has also achieved significant annual revenue growth with its organization for many years. Due to the professional approach and structure of the organization, we can continue to achieve this growth with franchisees. Therefore, we are also looking for new franchisees. The secretariat, marketing, automation, and product development provide highly professional support services to the franchisees and customers of Sales Improvement Group. We offer all Sales Trainers and Sales Improvers excellent support. You will receive comprehensive practical training and personal guidance.

Sales Improver

Sales directors and sales managers with years of sales experience and proven success in commercial organizations. That's who you bring in with Sales Improvement Group. Practitioners who have "been in the trenches." Salespeople who quickly recognize issues in all sales activities and provide practical solutions.

Sales & Management Trainer

As a Sales & Management Trainer, you are a true salesperson. You are a commercial expert yourself. A practitioner who knows the ins and outs of sales techniques in acquiring, presenting, convincing, negotiating, and closing deals. You are results-oriented and people-oriented.

Your Own Practice

You build your own client base, supported by a modern marketing concept. Alone or together with fellow Sales Improvers and Sales & Management Trainers, you help your clients improve their sales results. You acquire your own clients. You sell our SPACE concept®. As a Sales & Management Trainer, you conduct training sessions yourself or alongside your fellow trainers/improvers. You elevate the skills of your participants, leading to an immediate improvement in your clients' sales results. As a Sales Improver, you work closely with the (sales) management and/or directors of your client to enhance sales strategies, sales processes, sales tools, and cultivate an optimal sales culture. Our franchisees work from their own locations and have the entire Netherlands as their working area.


We are looking for commercial experts. You have extensive sales experience, preferably in various industries, with demonstrable performance and successes. Ideally, you have led a sales team for a few years. Are you the right commercial man or woman capable of working independently? Are you ready to establish your own (franchise) business, from your own office, where you determine your income level? Do you have initial capital for investments, along with living expenses for the first 6 months? If so, we would like to invite you to join an innovative team. Financing options for the initial capital are available.

Are you interested in starting an exciting practice as a Sales & Management Trainer or as a Sales Improver?


What inquiries do you have?

How can I attract new customers? Where can I find the potential target audience for my product or service? What should be my plan of action in this regard? If you provide your contact details here, we will get in touch with you, allowing you to decide whether you wish to proceed to the next step.

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